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And through my arm outstretched to the stars
A snail of eternity crawls.
Blessed is a dragonfly, scared by a storm
When it hides on the underside
Of a leaf…

                Velimir Khlebnikov
(translated by Victor Kozyrev)


Alternative civilization within ourselves
could be created by the beauty,
that we're absorbing from the art:
paintings, music, poetry. And as a result of our inner efforts it becomes a source of inspiration and vitality.

Expressionism, in my case,
is completely based on impressions
which are not of this world, but
of the inner one, where I'm trying
to store all the best things
I've ever encountered, heard, seen,
or felt...


House with arch and gate
Oil on canvas. 2014
60 х 60 cm

Oil on cardboard. 2014
50 х 35 cm

Into the Field
Pastel on paper, 2001
18 x 24 cm

Tiresome Walk
Pastel on paper, 2000
27 x 20 cm

Town N
Watercolor and ink on paper, 2007
20 x 16 cm

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